Wendy started Square Dancing in the fall of 1983 and started calling in the fall of 2000. She had been encouraged to do so because of her nice singing voice.

Her choice of upbeat music has earned her many compliments in the square dance environment. Her music box includes Top 40 Hits, Classic Rock, Alternative, Jazz, Dixieland, Easy Listening, and even a bit of Country! Whatever it is, it is guaranteed to be upbeat and fun to dance to.

Wendy is a member of the Ottawa Area Callers’ Association and CALLERLAB (the International Association of Square Dance Callers). She calls regularly for 3 local square dance clubs and has done many special parties for weddings, birthdays, retirements, fundraisers, picnics, and groups of friends who just want to dance.

She absolutely loves what she does and believes that “dancing keeps you young.”

Wendy lives in St-Albert, Ontario, just southeast of Ottawa, with her husband John and their 3 cats, Lucky, Misty, and William of Orange.

CALLERLAB Certified Square Dance Caller
CALLERLAB Board of Governors (2022-2025)

Recording Artist

Yes, Wendy is a recording artist!  How does that work?  When a caller hears a song that he/she thinks would be great to square dance to, they can apply to a square dance music producer to have the song “made into” a square dance recording.

Wendy has done that SIX times.  Here are the songs she recorded (click on the titles to hear them).

  1. I Lived (by One Republic)

  2. Honey I’m Good (by Andy Grammer)

  3. Cheerleader (by Omi)

  4. Heaven (by DJ Sammy and Yannou)

  5. Love the Way You Love Me (by David Lazarus)

  6. Thumbs (by Sabrina Carpenter)